"Dungeons & Predators" - event for Acer Ukraine

Three dozen bloggers from all over Ukraine found themselves with bags on their heads in a deep mine. How to get to the surface, to cope with numerous challenges and not to be outplayed by the others - watch a spectacular Predator video thriller.

In such way Acer has held a very interesting event called "Dungeons & Predators" for bloggers.


Event story

    In 2049 irresponsible human activities led to a point that life on the Earth was at risk of extinction. Overpopulation, wars, pollution of the atmosphere and water resources caused catastrophic climate changes, global shortage of food and drinking water, incurable diseases and cell mutations at the genetic level. Due to this, a selection of candidates for a Phoenix program has started. The aim of this program is to colonize the nearest to the solar system life-friendly, rich in natural resources planet, to revive the life of mankind and remaining flora and fauna species.
   The best representatives with special skills were selected based on numerous challenges and tests to participate in this program. In order to prepare for the mission, they were placed in a shelter, a special secret bunker, equipped with everything necessary for their survival.


The guests met near VDNKh metro station, where they were put on a bus, were given envelopes, badges, bags that they must wear on their heads. The bus went to a location, a specially prepared bunker (VDNKh mine), using unusual routes to confuse the guests.

After welcome reception with refreshments, everyone was invited by an alarm to Acer presentation. Participants learned from a video at the end of the presentation that they were framed and they had to get out of a dungeon in 1.5 hours performing quest tasks (12 stations of different complexity).

The participants were given protective clothing, a special application was installed on their mobile phones and they were sent to start the quest. Usage of Acer laptops with emphasis on their advantages during the quest was one of the key components of this event.

At the finish line, a quest host met all the winners and invited them to return to a pavilion through a central entrance to enjoy music, a final banquet, games on Predator computers and Acer laptops, and overall atmosphere of the event.

The agency was responsible for the "turnkey" event organisation:

  • location selection;
  • production (badges, sweatshirts, caps, Roll-up, beer stickers);
  • space decoration (production of a screen and furniture for a presentation area, furniture for a laptop zone, production of a light box, a photo zone, decorations for quests);
  • technical support (light, sound, video, photo, internet, power, demonstration of a presentation);
  • catering;
  • quest's organization;
  • location preparation and cleaning;
  • engaging a DJ, hostess;
  • logistics;
  • medical insurance.


It was very pleasant to see guests happy faces and listen to their feedback on the event. Some of them even made their own video and left their feedback in social media.

1 Vasylkivska Street, office 200
Kiev, 03040, Ukraine
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