Huawei Ukraine IP Club

How to share with your partners and potential clients about the main achievements of the company for the several last years? Easy! It takes them to gather in one place and to carry out the constructive dialogue in informal surroundings.

The professionals in its field from Huawei Ukraine shared their experience and gave a talk about decisions for corporate Information and Communication Technologies network on Huawei Ukraine IP Club, which held on November 22 at Stereo Plaza. The FreshMarketing team arranged the major IT-event: starting from developing the concept till its full completion.


Huawei IP Club – it’s a community of experts, the managers of IT units and leading specialists for intercommunications, development of come together and understanding the innovative trends in ICT. It’s an excellent professional platform for discussing the current problems and searching the possible solutions.


The performance of FreshMarketing team included:

  • development of event concept;
  • development, preparation and adaptation of event key visual;
  • mail out of invitations;
  • development of settings;
  • development of demo zone;
  • preparation, adaptation of event concept;
  • choosing the presenter;
  • development, approval and control of catering service;
  • choosing the music band for the party;
  • organization of participants’ registration;
  • equipment support of event.


More than 300 of participants have visited  Huawei IP Club and could not only get answers to their questions, but also enjoyed the light and pleasant atmosphere of the event.


1 Vasylkivska Street, office 200
Kiev, 03040, Ukraine
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