Infopulse - celebrating 10-year partnership with client

The  Infopulse company is celebrating a 10-year partnership with client.
Do you have a request to organize a large-scale family picnic in honor of the anniversary of cooperation “Infopulse” with a key partner? Easily!

A special app was with the online layout of Perfect Place locations was developed for the guests of the event to enjoy all activities during the party. the guests found out all entertainments on the web interface and were guided via an online map on Perfect Place location.

More than 400 people gathered together and we have provided leisure for everyone. Do you want to build a jungle, or to learn how move objects with the power of the thought and get into the virtual world of Oculus Rift, or relax on a Thai massage, or take part in a basketball set or play badminton? On this event, everything was possible! All activities had strict timing, so there were no queues anywhere.


In addition, children received some special attention – we organized an exciting kid's scout quest. At their disposal were trampolines, a master class on making and launching kites, rides, and an aqua make-up zone.

For gourmets and lovers of gastro-tours - a zone with food and drinks has been working in non-stop mode!

Guests could relax and enjoy the moment with a pleasant company in cozy lounge areas or on the beach. For the art fans, we made a master class on sketching by professional artists. Guests remembered the moments on the “Crooked Mirrors” photo zone.

All guests managed to leave their imprint on everyone, literally, because the guests were offered to draw a picture with their hands on the canvas. After that, guests decided to place a picture in the office.

At the end of the evening, disco and contests were waiting for guests.

The agency was tasked with organizing a turnkey event:
● selection of location;
●  activities;
● conception;
● production (design, decor, navigation);
● registration;
● catering;
● technical support (sound, video, light);
● providing the scenario part.


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