Intel Roadshow 2014: Cool Products, New Knowledge


  • organization of Ukrainian series of trainings for representatives of relevant networks and shops
  • locations selection, the development of the program for each event
  • data collection and analysis of results, recommendations preparation


This is an annual training program, the purpose of which is the maximum coverage of representatives of computer and electronic shops and networks. This season, FreshMarketing event-team took over all the organizational part, which is related to locations selection, production of promotional materials, prizes, alerting participants, reporting, and guidance.

Each training began with two hours of training, during which Intel representatives presented the novelties of the company, and finalized with the informal part, which included guests' and organizers' free communication.

Participants had the opportunity to ask questions to Intel representatives, get expert advice on selling new products, as well as participate in the raffle prizes.


Over the four quarters we have covered 22 Ukrainian regional centers and have organized trainings on new Intel products for more than 800 representatives of national retail and small networks.


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Kiev, 03040, Ukraine
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