‘Office Guru’ Charms Big Retailers: Microsoft Office Promo


  • to demonstrate best features of Office 2010 in retail stores
  • to enhance OEM and FPP sales
  • to train RSP on sales tips within the non-traffic time


The concept idea of promo was to clearly communicate that Office applications’ users would surely find their way to success in study or career. Therefore, we have appropriately created promoter’s look and developed communication scenario. Confident, charming and intelligent female promoters moved in between the biggest Foxtrot, Eldorado, Comfy and Technopolis networks, showing out the image of a successful office worker with a modern laptop and Windows Phone attached. Each visitor had the opportunity to test their knowledge, pass a training master class on MS Office programs and get a real and electronic certificate if all answers were right.


While running the program the best of our consultants have charmed 75 of the best shops in large retail in the biggest cities, spreading around new knowledge about the "Office" and charging sellers on sale. The total number of consultations on the promoted product, as well as the cross products and services from Microsoft made up 2949. 510 sellers have passed through an extensive training.

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Kiev, 03040, Ukraine
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