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    Technari Employees New Year Party


    To organize a corporate New Year party for the team of the service center "Technari. The event was set for 60 employees.


    We felt the best recreation a for hardworking folks would be a day filled with various entertainment activities for the emotional and physical recharge of the team. Therefore we have rented a number of racetracks in the shopping center "Terminal", where participants could race as true drivers behind the wheel of the racing bolides. The final race identified the fastest employee.

    We have also booked a maze-room for the laser tag fights. Resulting this activity the winning team was chosen and awarded.

    After an active part of the celebration, employees had dinner at the Hof-Brewery where they had an opportunity to share their impressions and to greet each other with the coming New Year.


    Corporate New Year’s party strengthened the team spirit and the employee loyalty to the company increased. We have received positive feedback on the active mode of celebration from all participants.

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