World of Tanks Blitz - Open Tournament


Ocean Plaza shopping mall and Wargaming decided to brighten up shoppers’ weekend. They offered a specially equipped lounge area to all wishing to participate in the World of Tanks Blitz tournament.

FreshMarketing team organized gaming area, where shopping mall visitors could take part in a gaming tournament. Comfortably seated on the bright poufs, gamers were able to enjoy the benefits of the mobile version of the World of Tanks. Our consultants helped to run the game, manage settings and record results.

All participants received a variety of gifts including free invites and bonus access codes to World of Tanks for best gamers. In addition, we summed up the tournament every 2 hours an gifted leading gamers with presents from Ocean Plaza shopping mall and bonus codes for one week premium Wargaming account and premium tank.

The results

700 players were involved into project. More than 10 major gifts from Ocean Plaza mall and Wargaming won. More than 5,000 gaming battles played. The event had also caused a profound interest among passing shopping crowd due to unique approach, bright design of the gaming area added with great work of promotional team. Earlier Freshmarketing launched special lounge area in SkyMall in time for the release of the iOS platform along with setting press event for the Android app.

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