FreshMarketing Incentive Programs are BTL marketing tool intended to motivate sales representatives and corporate sales staff. This is an opportunity to "awaken" ordinary sellers, to increase their knowledge of the brand and encourage proactive sales of your product. We have developed online incentive system that has proven its effectiveness in many campaigns. We are able to customize the Incentive Program to correspond your budget, accompanied with precise attention to detail.


FreshMarketing motivation programs:

  • development of an online portal connecting the database with over 2,500 merchants
  • sales motivation of selected items (online registration of sales by receipts)
  • remote training of sales associates and qualification assessment
  • purchase and delivery of encouraging gifts or benefits for the sales staff
  • preparing of the extensive analytical reports

Our Objectives:

  • we have developed an incentive system that has proven its effectiveness for the past 4 years
  • for each new client we create an online portal with the database of over 2,500 merchants across the country
  • timely informing participants of the project by sms, e-mails, phone alerts, personal visits etc.
  • we actively prevent any fraud attempts, verifying receipts manually (there were 10+ thousand applications processed in 2013)
  • we analyze the effectiveness of the program and optimize its cost per sale
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