Landing Pages

Landing page, known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander", is a type of web page which contains special offer to attract prospective consumer while providing the highest conversion (3-4 times above average). Landing pages are usually bright, but simple, informative and attractive for visitors, free from extra information.

Landing Pages
  • Landing page typically contains information about sales of a particular product or service
  • The main objective of the landing page is to convert ordinary visitor into a client
  • Landing pages lead a visitor to an action, such as making a purchase, signing in, entering application data, downloading information
  • Incoming traffic to a landing page  is provided by the context advertising or a digital banner

Example: let's say, using context advertising you get about a thousand visitors to your website, and the cost of a single visitor is $ 1. Out of all visitors, only ten will make a purchase/registration, thus your conversion equals 1%. After spending $ 1000 you’ve got ten actual customers. When using a landing your conversion will increase 3-4 times. At same cost of $ 1,000, you will receive 30-40 customers!

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